Crowdsourced event photos

The ultimate solution for crowdsourcing event photos just landed.

Never collect photos again

Collecting all photos from your guests after an event like a wedding is incredibly painful. People try to solve the problem by handing out single-use cameras to their guests - but they often end up in childrens hands with varying results plus they are bad for the environment and expensive.

Airphoto follows a different approach: almost every guest carries a perfect camera - his or her smartphone. Let them use it!

airphoto guest web app
airphoto guest web app

Celebrate with your guests

Hook up a projector to any laptop with a browser and show your guests an automated slideshow of all collected photos. People love interaction and will want to see their image on the big screen. New images will be added automatically to the slideshow so it never gets boring.

You will be amazed how motivated your guests will be to capture your important day together.

Keep control

With the airphoto admin panel you easily download all or individual photos as a .zip file. You can also delete photos you may not like.

We securely store your photos a full year after your event.

Want to know more about how Airphoto works? Check out our FAQ:

airphoto guest web app

So, how much is it?


Unlimited guests & pictures

Projector slideshow

Uploads for 14 days

Downloads for a full year

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