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Live video stream for everyone at home.QdRL21

Airphoto's features

Have fun celebrating - airphoto manages all your photos and videos.

All photos - from everyone for everyone

All photos - from everyone for everyone

With airphoto, all of your guests become photographers. All the beautiful, romantic, funny or weird moments end up in one place. And can be easily downloaded from there.

Airphoto works that easy.

Enjoy your party - we'll do the rest.



A name for your event and an email address - you can set up airphoto within a few minutes.

Next steps

Share the link

You distribute the PIN and the link or the free automatically created QR-Code to airphoto to your guests and they can start uploading their photos and videos right away.

Next steps
Start celebrating

Start celebrating

With the live slideshow, the photos land directly on the slideshow - and thanks to the live video stream, even those who stayed at home celebrate.

Demo of airphoto

Give me the hands on experience

You only believe what you see with your own eyes? Check out our demo!

Open Airphoto with your smartphone browser and use the provided demo pins.

Admin-Demo-PIN: ADMIN1

Guest-Demo-PIN: DEMO12

Don't worry - Be happy

parallax Elementparallax Elementparallax ElementSo wird man Glücklich!

„At our wedding everything just flew by us. It was beautiful and over too quickly! Airphoto really saved us: Our guests captured everything for us, from beautiful to weird. We have memories that really last.“

Lara and Philipp, Hamburg


Questions over questions? Find the answers here.

All you need is internet access. All images are stored directly in the cloud in a German data center so that you can download them from anywhere. Your guests can also upload pictures at any time during your event. If you have a projector, you can use a computer to start the live slideshow in the browser.

No, there is no app needed. Your guests can use Airphoto with their smartphone and preinstalled browser. On an iPhone that would be Safari and on Android its usually Chrome.

Yes. You can use Airphoto to the full extent immediately after purchase. It doesn't matter when your event takes place.

There is no limit to the number of guests. You can use Airphoto with as many guests as you want.

There is no limit. You and your guests can upload as many pictures as they want.

No - you only pay once and there are no hidden costs.

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Buy now & start right away

Enough with the talking. Start now, upload photos immediately and use everything right away.

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